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The Hot Book of Chillies download PDF, EPUB, Kindle

The Hot Book of Chillies download PDF, EPUB, Kindle

The Hot Book of Chillies .David Floyd
The Hot Book of Chillies
Author: David Floyd
Number of Pages: 128 pages
Published Date: 01 Mar 2013
Publisher: IMM Lifestyle Books
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781780093970
File Name: The.Hot.Book.of.Chillies.pdf
Download Link: The Hot Book of Chillies

For aficionados of hot, spicy food, the humble chilli inspires near-fanatical devotion. Chillies come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours - from long and thin to round and berry-like, and from green to fiery orange - and there is a huge variation in the degree of hotness (measured on the Scoville scale). There are some 400 varieties of chillies, ranging in strength from the mild jalapeno to the blisteringly hot habanero. Chillies are grown all over the world, and are an essential ingredient (fresh or dried) in many world cuisines. Indeed, it would be hard to imagine a curry, mole poblano or fajitas without the hot stuff. The Hot Book of Chillies is an essential companion to enjoying chillies, and covers the history and biology of the plants, how hotness is measured, chillies and health, nutritional and medicinal value and how to preserve and use chillies. A gallery of chillies presents approximately 100 of the most popular chilli varieties, and the book includes a selection of recipes for salsas, hot sauces, jams and chutneys.

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