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Metodi Konzentrazii

Metodi Konzentrazii

Metodi Konzentrazii.cGrigori Grabovoi
Metodi Konzentrazii
Author: Grigori Grabovoi
Number of Pages: 70 pages
Published Date: 01 Oct 2011
Publisher: Rare Ware Medienverlag (Publishers)
Publication Country: United States
Language: Russian
Type: eBook
ISBN: 9783943110197
File Name: Metodi.Konzentrazii.pdf
Download Link: Metodi Konzentrazii

(RUSSIAN EDITION) Dear Reader, The following exercises for every day of the month serve the development of a consciousness that is able to give a positive and pleasant direction to our life. This new awareness is able to produce or to maintain health on all levels of your being and create harmony with the heartbeat of the universe. I recommend that you dedicate a little time each day to the exercises described in this book. - With the help of these exercises, you will grow spiritually and this will help you to carry out future exercises already on a higher level, guaranteeing your progress. - This process is without end. You will notice that already after a short time your life is changing for the better. - To be precise, however, one has to say that you yourself have started to change it, that you have begun to take control of your life. - These exercises contribute to the further development of your consciousness; they influence the unfolding of events in your life in a positive manner; they will support you in achieving perfect health and perfect harmony with the heartbeat of the universe. Grigori Grabovoi

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